Brief EEE-PC 701 Review

This is me trying to type using the eepc. it is a very small computer with a really small keyboard however it seems as if I might be able to actually type with it. It isn’t all that small, I think it is maybe 90% of size at most, but the most annoying thing is the placement of the shift key. It isn’t where I would expect it to be but I think it might be something a guy could get used to.


This is a 701 eeepc which has a very small screen indeed. However, even the 7 inch screen is usable and is very bright and sharp. I think I would realistically hold out for the 901 which has a 9 inch screen and the atom processor. The performance of this one is acceptable however it is definitely very slow.

No CD drive here

This is the original low cost umpc and I definitely see the appeal. It does everything one would want to do with something that could almost fit in your pocket.

Typing speed has picked up considerably. I can type nearly full speed and am also getting used to the placement of the shift key. This is really growing on me.

I want to try a 901 now. Filling up the screen real estate would make up all the difference in the world on a machine this size.

EEE iso view

Also available hard drive space is not sufficient. I was not able to stream a 700 meg hour long xvid from my NAS. It was attempting to cache to disk and ran out of room. This is a 2 gig version. Either there should be a software solution to NOT cache the entire clip or there must simply be more space. I can see the beauty of all of the hacks that came out almost instantly on this thing.

EEE closeup

More on performance. A typical youtube video will fit on the screen. And it will play a youtube video. Just. It will stutter if anything else is going on. Almost as if the ability to decode and show a flash video was the bare minimum performance benchmark.

I have seen reviews showing that the atom 901 will vastly outperform the 701 in video.


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