Never assume an intelligent customer will not make stupid mistakes

So, I provided a new computer to a public service agency when their old one died. This particular agency is one of the top 3 jobs which all young boys want to be when they grow up.

So, the “chief” of this public department was installing microsoft office on this new computer, which I had taken great pains to get prepared for them as much as possible. They had special software that ran the database for their department, transferred all reports, updates, put in the old HD in case I missed something, delivered, set up, so on, so on.

But, they hadn’t provided THEIR copy of ms office, and hey, how hard can it be. The ever resourceful “chief” of this department eagerly volunteered to install it himself, once he dug it out of wherever it was that they couldn’t find at the time I was building it.

So I get a call today while I was out, and returned his call when I got back. He was attempting to install “office” but something didn’t look right. When I called him back, he said “hey, I put in the key it asked for and it seems to be taking off” “Ok, no problem, if you get stuck just give me a call” “Ok, I’ll do that.”

Fast forward 30 minutes. He calls, and says he finished installing “office”, but now office isn’t showing up anywhere and it’s now asking him to register windows. I’m stunned, so I head over.

As it turns out, the shiny holographic disk he was using to install “office” was actually the shiny holographic disk for “windows” and he had just wiped out his freshly set up computer. Ouch!

Luckily he didn’t format anything. I had him up and running again in about 1.5 hours, but as the disk was sp2 there will be some updating to do.

When he realized what he had done, he adamantly proclaimed that I will be doing everything 100% from now on, and not him. We both lol’d.


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