A Restore Store Rant

I don’t “go off” too often, but I need to post this.

Of the several computers I’ve fixed this week – so far I have, no joke, radically fixed no less than 3, and improved one more, by removing all Norton / Symantec products.  On some I have had to run the “norton removal tool” in order to do so, as the software was not removable by normal means.

This “software” is absolute trash.  It is 100% junk.  Sure, I’ve found some “tests” online that say Norton A/V 2010 is doing great right now.  My own limited testing confirms that to be true.  However – the truth needs to be told.

This software is trash.  No matter how “well” Norton 2010 is performing, it is vastly and radically outshadowed by the abysmal and pathetic and downright MALICIOUS epic fails that I have dealt with – that are solely caused by the crapware that is all products NORTON.

Here’s an example – I’ve cleaned up two systems this week alone that were riddled by malware, and norton was also installed.  After removing the malware of which norton was oblivious, I was forced to remove the norton 360 product off of them both because the internet was inexplicably broken.  The services were running, TCPIP was running, it was connecting to the router, the browser was reset, there was no proxy, no firewall- but there was no surf.  After simply uninstalling (or running the norton removal tool) the internet access and the systems as a whole were perfectly happy.

Just now, another system was inexplicably unable to access the internet.  Norton was NOT installed, or so I thought.  As it turns out, the norton internet access filter or whatever it is called was installed in the network.  I disabled it.  No luck.  I uninstalled all remaining norton dreck I found in the add/remove programs area even though the AV was gone.  No luck.  Finally on a whim I ran the norton removal tool and that fixed it.  This system didn’t even have any serious malware, and it didn’t have norton installed!

And this is just the noteworthy issues THIS WEEK and it’s only WEDNESDAY MORNING!   I can’t tell you how many times since doing computer work full time that I’ve FIXED computer problems by REMOVING norton.  This software is supposed to HELP people, yet it BREAKS their systems.

At one time I was fixing no less than four systems at once with serious malware problems – all of them with Norton 2009 happily running along saying everything was perfect.  These people pay money for norton and it does NOTHING but rob them of performance, which they also paid for.

I had one customer who had a quad core computer with 4 gigs of ram running XP.  This computer was months old.  It was running so slowly that it was a usability issue.  I fixed it.  Know what I did?  I UNINSTALLED NORTON 360.  Instant performance boost, like night and day.  They were happy, because I gave them their computer back.  Where is the outrage?

Yet, many many people just don’t “have” antivirus unless they “have” norton.  Every year, go and buy your norton and put it on.

Well, it will keep me busy.

Please, if anyone from Symantec comes across my post PLEASE post a comment or email me and tell me something, anything, in your defense.  Is it the malware guys attacking you because you are so prominent in the security field?  Are they hacking your warez and there is nothing you can do because you have such market share?  At least tell me something, but as it is I will keep removing your software as required and not recommending you to ANYONE – and people ask me all the time what to do.

At the moment I remove your products multiple times per week and install microsoft security essentials – my customers eyes light up when I tell them that it is good and it is also free and will continue to be free after the first year.

Again – anyone from norton or symantec please tell me what the deal is.  If I’m wrong and your software is NOT crap then I will apologize profusely.

Same goes for McAfee and Webroot.  Same story but it happens far less often.


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  1. […] So, since I have the same exact discussion nearly every day, I went onto CNET and posted THIS as a review for Norton Internet Security 2010.  I plan to do this more often, until they reply, as per this post. […]

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