Embarq / Centurylink Social Engineering and security???

So, I was at a clients location a month or two ago and needed to get their static IP address, gateway, DNS, etc.  Their modem and router were reset by good-intentioned employees.

So I call Embarq from the customer’s line and ask for that info, but they needed some security authentication to get that.  Bravo, that’s good, but of course it’s inconvenient for ME.  They asked to talk to an authorized person on the account.  Well, he’s not there, of course.  So, they need the EIN of the business and the name of the business.  There’s a permit on the wall, but that EIN and business name were NOT the EIN on record.  Hmmm….

It came down to it that I was talking to a person who said she could not GIVE me the IP’s, but I asked whether she could confirm if the IP I had was correct.  She could.

After a few minutes of an absurd guessing game, a local embarq tech I had called a half hour ago called me back and gave me the info.  Clickety click and they were up and running.

Fast forward to today.  I called embarq from MY office on MY line to confirm if an order for a static IP was being fulfilled today on a customer’s account.  Not only did the people confirm that the static IP was taking effect today, they were more than happy to provide me with all relevant IP’s to set up the router.

What’s the difference?

Was it because I let them know I was checking up on an order and there WAS an order?  Would this not have happened if there wasn’t an order?


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